Thursday, January 02, 2014

Adarsh Inquiry Commission full report

Adarsh Inquiry Commission headed by Justice J A Patil was appointed by the Maharashtra government on January 8, 2011. It was given 13 terms of references to probe. The terms of reference no 1 was about whether the land on which the 31-storey highrise was built belonged to the Maharashtra government or to the Defence Ministry. 

The terms of reference no 2 was about whether it was reserved for housing any defence personnel or martyrs of Kargil War. On April 13, 2012, the Commission submitted its interim report on these two points to the government, stating that the land belonged to the state government, and it was not reserved for Kargil War widows. The commission submitted the full report this year, but the government did not table the report it during the budget session or the monsoon session of the state legislature. On December 20, the state tabled the report during the winter session state legislature after the Bombay High Court cornered it to make a commitment.

The exhaustive 700-page report makes for stunning reading about a building which was originally supposed to be a six-storey structure went on to become a 31-storey highrise as its files moved in Mantralaya from one minister to the other, and one bureaucrat to the other. As the files moved, new floors and flats were added to the building.

I think Indian should read it to understand how a scam was perpetrated. After initially rejecting the commission findings, the Maharashtra government rolled back its decision after a public prod by Rahul Gandhi. The million-dollar question is when will those indicted by the report actually face any punishment.

You could read the full report here:

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