Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leica Camera blog and other stories

Picture Copyright: Paul Szynol
Picture Courtesy: Leica Camera Blog

My apologies. I admit I have largely turned into a twitter link aggregator these days. But, twitter is really offering some extremely interesting stuff to read. So, this week's random reading has the following:

Some Place Else: Paul Szynols on Poland From Leica Camera Blog

Interview with Justin Guariglia, Nat Geo Travel Mag photog From Leica Camera Blog

Rape epidemic in Congo: a rape every 48 hours From Foreign Policy Blog

Portrait of a Fugivtive Micro-Manager From Propublica.org

Cartier Bresson on street photography From Invisible Photographer Asia

                   Iconic picture of the 9/11
Picture Copyright:  Thomas Hoepker
Picture Courtesy: Leica Camera Blog

Thomas Hoepker Interview From Leica Camera Blog

Happy Reading!

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