Wednesday, September 23, 2009

True photojournalism

James Nachtwey's photo agency VII Photos is one of my favourite websites for many reasons. Not just for the amazing pictures they shoot, but the commitment the group has to global issues, and keeping the flag of true photojournalism flying. Each time you visit the website, there is a new photo gallery which brings you head on with a new issue and forces you to think.
Next month, Marcus Bleasdale's second book on the Democratic Republic of Congo, titled The Rape of a Nation, will be released. The book has 105 powerful pictures taken during several visits in last seven years which cover the complex Congo conflict that has ravaged the country since 1998.
Bleasdale's first book on Congo, One Hundred Years of Darkness, was released in 2002 and was immediately voted best photojournalistic book of the year by American Photo District News. Done entirely in black and white, John Le Carre has written a foreword to Rape of a Nation.
To see a selection of the work, please click here:
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