Tuesday, December 08, 2009

T S Eliot’s Eeldrop and Appleplex

It is always interesting to explore the lesser known aspects of an artist/writer/poet/philosopher/film-maker/actor-actress. By that, I mean you generally discover some real gems when you explore lesser known works or something the person is not known for.

Existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre wrote several books, essays, treatises expounding his ideas. His novel Nausea (with a wonderful cover of a Salvador Dali painting) was brilliant, but was extremely depressing to read. I didn't imagine that Sartre would also short stories apart from his profound existential theses. Then I came across his collection of short stories called Intimacy and Other Stories. All the stories were brilliant and Sartre reflects so differently in that work.

Similarly, Eight and Half or La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) are easily Federico Fellini's most famous films. But, I was completely mesmerised by La Strada (The Road). Unlike the other Fellini narratives which cut back and forth in time, La Strada has a simple linear narrative with three outstanding performances. Anthony Quinn and Fellini's real life wife Guilette Masina play roles of a life time. I found the film similar to Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali (Song of the Road). Both films are extremely lyrical. Both have a brilliant theme music track that runs through the film. Both are extremely simply told, and both have superb performances.

My latest discovery is a short shory by poet laureate TS Eliot. I am yet to read it myself. Let's see how Eliot fares with prose. T S Eliot’s Eeldrop and Appleplex

Do tell me how you find it.
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