Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kingfisher again!!!

In "Zorba the Greek", Anthony Quinn manages to convince Alan Bates to take him on the boat to Crete to revive latter's inherited mine. On the boat, Quinn experiences some sea-sickness and comes out on the deck to breathe some fresh air. Bates joins him. They are chatting when a dolphin suddenly jumps on the surface and vanishes. Quinn exclaims "Look a dolphin! A dolphin!" like an excited child. But, Bates, who is shown as a bookworm and the exact opposite of the lively, wise Zorba, looks dumbly. Quinn asks him "You don't like dolphins? What kind of a man are you?" :-)

I had a Zorba moment each time I saw a kingfisher last year on vacation in Kerala. I couldn't get a clear, close shot as the bird flashed across and flew away. At Periyar, I could get a few shots, but the bird was too far for a clear shot. In Allapuzha, I finally caught up the bird. Just look at that blue and brown...

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