Monday, June 14, 2010

A poem on global warming

Posting after a considerable break. I had posted two poems from Srishti Shenoy, the daughter of my Sharjah-based Praveen and Vidya Shenoy. This time Srishti's best friend Joanne has penned a poem on global warming.

Joanne is the daughter of their family friends, Joseph and Deepthi, and studies in DPS at Jebel Ali in Grade V. Vidya describes her as an "extremely creative girl who loves to read, is very very independent, and thinks ahead of time."



When we are alone in a cold place,
with no one to face,
We go home and light the pyre
and sit by the fire.
At first everything was okay,
At last no chill, no cold day!
But suddenly the world began to melt,
And then I knew how the creatures felt.
Soon there'd be no fantasy to enjoy, no one to know,
No place to hide, no place to go.
After the world had melted,
I found myself belted,
Out in the space, with lots of place,
An alien was playing ball with a silly face.
I said as my voice echoed in the universe's black sheet,
"Wow, what a feat!"
The alien said,
"Thank you, my name is Ted."
I asked him why did the earth melt,
as well as how the alien felt.
The alien who had many places to go,
Told me all the reasons I should know.
And finally said,"Now scram of my place,
Before you pollute as well the outer space".

Do tell me how you like Joanne's effort.

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