Friday, May 27, 2011

Grant for Asian photographers

This is a wonderful opportunity for documentary photographers from India. Read on:

Reminders Project and the Angkor Photo Festival with the purpose of providing financial support to emerging Asian photographers is seeking entries of projects that demonstrate a commitment to the subjects they work on, with a aim to make a positive impact on the local community.
In recent times, more and more Asian photographers are emerging onto the international scene, producing work of outstanding calibre and giving exposure to little known issues from their region or their own countries.
However, one of the biggest obstacles faced by these photographers is the difficulty of finding financial funding to support their projects. In-depth, investigative work requires long periods of research, and without help, many of these projects cannot be realized. Understanding the need for recognizing and supporting such projects, this completion is being organized to bring the unseen works of Asian Photographers to the world stage.
Award Components
+ Financial support of up to US$3,000 for a photo project
+ The awarded project will be shown at the 2012 Angkor Photo Festival
Eligibility Criteria
This grant is open to projects fitting the following criteria:
+ An in-depth photographic documentation in Asia
+ Explores critical issues in Asia which are unknown or under-reported
+ The project must make a positive impact on the local community and help vocalize the issues at the grassroots, local community or NGO level.
Judging Process
Representatives from Reminders Project and the Angkor Photo Festival will review applications, which will then be judged by a jury panel consisting of five international photography professionals.
The jury will take into consideration:
+ The strength of the photographer’s photography portfolio.
+ How closely the proposed project adheres to the Project Criteria and to the grant’s mission.
Last date for submitting the entries is July 29, 2011
For more details and information, please visit the Angkor Photo Festival

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