Thursday, September 08, 2011

James Nachtwey on 9/11 coverage

                                                     The front page of New York Times
                                                     picture courtesy:

This is a must read interview for all those who read this blog. James Nachtwey narrates the story of how he landed in New York the night before 9/11 and almost got killed when the North Tower collapsed on him. As a photo journalist, he must have faced these moments a number of time, but what unfolded on 9/11 was so shocking and unbelievable.

I find it incredible that Nachtwey shot 28 film rolls that day, and did not look at the unpublished pictures in 27 of those rolls for 10 years! The photos from the remaining one roll were used by Time Magazine soon after 9/11. Read on

Also see the 1971 picture that Nachtwey shot of the Twin Towers. It has an eerie resemblance to 9/11

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