Monday, December 12, 2011

Eternal dilemama of a photojournalist

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Desmond Boylan, whose tenure as the chief photographer in Reuters India office has left many good memories for the Indian photojournalists, faced the eternal dilemma of a photojournalist, perhaps for the nth time in his long and illustrious career. Posted in Cuba now, Boylan was driving his car when life threw a situation at him, and shooting the drama that unfolded before him was never on his mind. Obviously, the veteran photojournalist was busy saving a life. and how.  Read the story in his own words...
A photo blog without photos From Reuters Blogs

What happens why a community does not get enough nourishment of information. Veteran editor Tom Stites analyses
News deserts anyone? From Nieman Lab

Judith Puckett-Rinella to take over from Susan White at Vanity Fair from Jan 3, 2012.
Vanity Fair names new photography director From Photo District News

A website which gives you all the data of how your government is spending. Where did the money for clean loos went, for example.
Money for toilets, spent on building kitchens

Giles Duley worked as a fashion photographer for world's top magazines before he went to Afghanistan on an assignment and became a triple amputee. A truly inspiring story. His exhibition "Becoming a Story" opened in London in Nov. From
Becoming a Story

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