Monday, October 31, 2011

Koudelka takes Prague Spring exhibit to Russia

                                         Picture copyright: Josef Koudelka/Magnum

                                         Josef Koudelka's iconic image of Russian tanks rolling into Prague
                                         Picture Courtesy:

Czech photojournalist Josef Koudelka, an engineer by training, was shooting gypsies as a personal hobby when he eyewitnessed the Soviet invasion of 1968, and in the process shot some 5000 images in the first week which eventually became a visual record of the act. Russia has denied that it was an invasion, and maintained that its armed forces were helping fellow state. Now Koudelka's exhibition of the 1968 invasion photographs has gone to Moscow for the first time. A fascinating report by  Tom Parfitt of the The Guardian

Taking citizen and community journalism a step further, The Guardian will launch n0tice, an open community news platform. Interesting report on NeimanLab

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