Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Interesting reading


Another set of interesting links.

New Yorker magazine's Beijing-based staff writer Evan Osnos writes on the divide between Japan's policymakers and the general public on giving up nuclear power. The context is interesting as India got its former president Abdul Kalam to intervene in protests over Kudankulam nuclear power station and moot a Rs 200 crore plan to boost development around the plant.

Washington Post's Senior News Designer Jon Wile responds to reader's questions on designing the Page One of the newspaper. Interesting insights into what goes on in the news rooms to package the day's news attractively and arrest the rapidly shorterning attention span of readers, who get bombarded with information from multiple sources every day.

An interesting visual take by Boston.com, which uses photographs to narrate news stories, on the Seven Billion population story. This story has wonderful pictures and please don't miss them!

Enjoy reading!

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