Saturday, October 03, 2009

Poll results

The first poll on the blog was over yesterday. I asked "Which news channel do you find the loudest and hate the most?" Eight people participated in the poll, with an overwhelming 62 per cent or 5 votes going to Times Now, which is the leader among the English news channels. One vote each went to IBN 7, India TV, and CNN IBN.

Talking about Times Now, Shoma Chaudhary, executive editor of Tehelka news magazine, has written an interesting cover story criticising the way the tv channel handled the debate on naxalism. Chaudhari points out that the Centre is planning a major offensive in naxal-dominated states in Nov called Operation Green Hunt, and rues the lack of sensible debate on the issue in civil society. "The discourse on naxals is marked by propaganda on one side and infantile ignorance and simple-mindedness on the other," she writes. She points out that the creation of pro-government Salwa Judum battling naxalites has only driven tribals back into the arms of naxals. One activist suggests that instead of a military offensive, there is a need to send health workers and school teachers under protection to ensure that development penetrates deeper. Do read.
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